Monday, March 19, 2012

Crying for a month.....

It hit me as I was reading Katie Davis's book "Kisses From Katie" that I have been crying like this for a month......but it is also reminiscent of 2 Christmases ago, when I received a World Vision catalog about buying farm animals for the people of Africa. When I looked at the pretty catalog, I would well up with a cry that was uniquely it's own and that cry has come back in unexpected waves ever since the "meeting". The meeting telling about the adoption story of the dear family from N. Carolina. I feel so grateful to be entangled by my God and I have a great expectation about Him and what he is doing.

I keep grabbing at tiny puzzle pieces that meander through my conscience w/ a wispy, pink flag waving in the wind of my from the fading of time, though once red and bright. I snatch the flagged pieces and put them with the others, the ones that are building a picture, or map of things past and things to come in this scheme that my Father is about for me and us. But, I wonder, how does a scheme that I am becoming aware of also involve those with me; the family? But this I know is His business entirely. I rest my heart and hands and wait for Him.....wait and wonder with butterflies in my stomach today.

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