Saturday, March 17, 2012

Off we went on this ordinary day..........

to an ordinary church in the middle of our ordinary town. We sat in an ordinary pew and felt nothing but ordinary.
Until. Until the extraordinary presence of God invaded that very ordinary place. God brought Africa, the orphans, the poverty, the reality, very close. Too close to ignore. Too close to deny. Too close to walk away. Too close to stay wrapped up in my ordinary life.

I read those words a few hours ago, sitting at the park on the water, listening to "Onward Christian Soldiers" being played in the air on the hour by the church bells of 1st Christian Church. Blindsided again! This book came in the mail today from was while I was ordering a book by Katie Davis about the work she's doing in Uganda. This book was on the bottom line, the suggestions based on this interest. I clicked a few of them sticking them into my "cart" without knowing if I'd buy any, but wanted to think about them. For no reason that I can remember now, I added "A Place at the Table- 40 Days of Solidarity With the Poor". The other books that I had put in, I weeded out due to cost and bought this book and "Kisses From Katie". Now, I feel compelled to look at the first book and it is speaking to me in ways that caused me to suddenly gasp, to cry, to feel breathless for this "voice" coming right into my Chevy Van with me. Right into my leisurely trip to the park to walk and allow the boys to fish. I knew I would ask. I knew I would pray. I knew my heart was stirred and wound and I wanted and still want more of what the Lord knows about me, my future, His dynamic plans. He is astounding! And he is astounding me. And this book is not about Africa.....I was reading the forward! And the forward was being used as a living thing! The living and active word of God. He is astounding me. He is rescuing me from loving ordinary, which I do. The dear lady who wrote the forward also said this: But one thing that is certain: the something more we're made to experience with God can only be found outside of the ruts.

I want to venture outside of my ruts...too late, actually,.... I'm out.


  1. So good Rhonda! Love your writing, it's inspiring and poetic. And the content is, of course, challenging.

  2. Love your words, Jen. Thank you! ♥


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