Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I belong here...........for now

I know I belong here, on earth I mean, because when I jump really hard and really high, gravity always shows it's authority over me and tugs me smack dab back down to the ground. In my dreams the outcome is so different; there, I keep lifting, and the more I seem to will myself up, I go up and above the high wires, the buildings, the bad guys below wanting to harm me. In reality---the realest of real, I WILL go up one day and not be pulled down, and I will lift higher than the high wires and higher than the clouds. I will do it......HE said I would........one day. It's good to know that I am where I belong. It's good to remember that it is supposed to be this way for a season of time, until time is no more for me. Gravity has a grip on the whole earth and that's working out pretty well as I see it. As long as we are held here by life and breath and gravity, we have limitations that are only capped by God himself, and he's not so good on limits sometimes, especially when it comes to good things and good plans. Where is his limit for me and you? When has He said, "This is all you got, this is all that you are about, this is all that I have for you?" In that way, He's not so good about limits. :)

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