Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Time to Jump.

For over a week now, there seems to be a theme coming at me from heavenward; "Take a leap of faith, girl; JUMP!" Since the time I started this blog which no one could see until today but me, to now, I've been coming to an understanding of a new call on our life, the call of adoption. I was so timid about it at first, not wanting to speak it out even, but holding it in my heart with awe and amazement. "Could God be calling us? "Are we even worthy of this?" "Could we walk this road of faith to it's conclusion of bringing a new child, two new children even, into our family?" "Am I wrong about this, and will I look a fool if I share this thing with others?" I've come a long way since mid March. I can say with confidence that I know we are called to adopt. Wow, that feels good to say. I don't know for sure where our children are? I've been waiting for God to plop a sum of money into my hands so that I can begin to pursue a home study, yet no money comes. What of this? In my frustration, I told the Lord, "I can't "jump" without funds to jump in with? Right?" So, I have done the only thing that I know to do, and that is sell the only assets that I have, my livestock. If the Lord is behind me, then I pray he lets my animals sell, and if he is not behind the international adoption path and doesn't provide the money needed for the home study, then I will be filling out paperwork with the state of Arkansas to adopt American children. Which ever way it goes, I am thrilled to just say it out loud, "We are jumping in! We are on the road to being adoptive parents."


  1. Can I you tithe and give?

    If not, I encourage you to begin. This is an area where God promises us great blessing if we enter into it.

    Feel free to email me if you want to chat more on this. (Look on the sideboard of my blot to email me.)

    Praying for you. All we have is really giving him 10% of our income is just choosing to acknowledge Him first in our lives and give back to Him what is ultimately ALL His.

  2. Thank you Kimmie for this note of encouragement. We do tithe and give. Thanks so much for offering sound and wise advice.



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