Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We pray because entering His presence is the answer to all our prayers. (Ann Voscamp)

Yeah, I've been feeling this way.....I dash out to steal a moment... outside because it seems my prayers are formed best within the pine thicket . This God/man, Jesus-- and His God/man presence is always out there waiting for my faith to see Him there.  

Before the pine thicket, I found Him on the other end of the receiver in the afternoon.  I heard him speaking peace to me through the kindness of  a woman who I have never met; a woman who spent her time and spent some of  the goodness of her heart on me, though she has plenty to spare.... all on me, a near stranger.   She was ready for me since she has a "pine thicket" of her own.  She was ready to share how she has learned to trust Him, how she has seen Him pull things through, how He is the ultimate hero, and we can trust Him with every part of us.  And I believed her and she didn't "spend" on me in vain.

There are places my faith has never taken me, though now I want to go.   Beyond the pine thicket and into the unknown.  

And I am so ordinary that it seems strange that God could be interested in my walk in the pine thicket and your walk there, too.  It seems strange that my greatest strength rests in my calloused hands that hang ever so tightly onto Him. But, when I am not holding on to Him,  He is yet holding on to me.  


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  1. Can I adopt you my friend?

    What sweet kind words, what love comes from each twist and turn of those words you gathered.

    Thank you oh friend of my heart.

    Happy journey....
    and i left you a note too...come see.

    Truly I was so blessed in speaking to you. God is so full of surprises!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


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