Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She Said........

She said, "Isaac is cute too".  She, only four years old, and yet so intuitive about what was important.  She, an American for just six short months, her new brother, Isaac, the same.  I was just getting my introductions to her; this glossy, dark eyed child; her hair, like black silk.  I made a remark about her being so very cute, and she added, in her tiny girl voice, what was in her heart, "Isaac is cute, too".

Isaac, had been curious and wondered passed our chatter, all smiling and inquisitive.  He had only just become her brother those six months ago, but she so obviously loved him.  The two of them merged into family from two separate orphanages in China, having never met before the day that they became "family".   This amazing transaction of paper and pen, was so much more than that now.  I could see with my eyes and feel with my spirit that God had created family here, and it was bigger than life. 

For over an hour, I listened like my life depended on it, to the stories of mountains traversed, obstacles thrown down, and God making a way in the end.   And there it was; the beautiful conclusion spilled out before my eyes in flesh and blood.  The family of 7 I knew, now a table for 9.  And their joy was tangible!  Their love fully reciprocated by these tiny treasures from China.  She said so much more than her words articulated, and I heard every word of it.  ♥♥

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