Monday, August 20, 2012

Sentimentality; Please Excuse me, I'm a Momma :)

Something just happened on this Monday morning, August 20, 2012.  It happens everyday, it's true, but this morning I grabbed the camera and started shooting because life is moving along quickly and I am sometimes just a stunned bystander trying to take in the action, absorb these flying moments.

 He headed out the door, armed with a new Fender amplifier that he bought from a college student needing cash last evening, his guitar, a backpack with a few school supplies, and keys hanging from his teeth.  

He loads his things, keys still dangling and laughs at me watching him, snapping pictures. 

He gives me a "crazy, exaggerated smile" cause he knows I will laugh and he heads off to town to start his senior year in high school.   His third year of school away from school at home.  God had a different plan for him and a "follower" follows His plan. 

He drove away as I watched him from inside. 

 Last week we were playing at the lake w/ friends....... three of the boys and me.

Yesterday, we were driving to church, four of them and me and  Dad.  How good it is to all be together under the roof of one vehicle; if only for a short time more.  

This oldest one (back seat, left) will start college again in only days, and younger ones will pull their books off of shelves at home.  And these rhythms will continue their rhymes another season long.  And I will enjoy the blessings and reach after the challenges and give it all to Him time and again.  

And I can't help but think today of the children  He has placed in our hearts. The ones we hope to hold through adoption.  I am reaching for hands I've never before held, searching for eyes I have not yet looked into, and asking Jesus for the way to them and for the time to come.  Because when I turn back to photograph the faces in the car seats behind me, I imagine that there are  faces missing.  And I long to fill those seats and fill my lens with all God has.

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