Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthdays Are for Looking Up

I've been longing to put my prints to these keys this whole week long, but my thinking is so muddled and unruly that there was no real point to saving such puddles of unorganized thinking.  

I read a couple of books by  American authors, but instead of inspiration, a faint yawn broke free and fell.  Not because they were sorry books, more because my "receiver - processor" was just out of good working order.  I also read how the apostle Paul struggled with those Corinthians and then Ephesians until he seemed "red in the face" (maybe a southerner's expression only; means he seemed frustrated, encase you wondered).  He so wanted the REAL gospel to LIVE out among those folks that he so loved.  But I think he wanted it even more because he so loved that "Gospel Maker".

But today is my birthday.  I have turned 46 years old overnight and even though my body feels a little under the weather, suddenly I feel so alive and grateful for 46 opportunities wrapped into those 365 days, perusing past those four distinct seasons and always starting back here in the first of autumn again on September 29th.  

It is cool and moist outside this morning.  It is quiet and tranquil in my little cabin on our Four Oaks Farm.  The rooster is crowing up a "roostery" storm outside.  Is he telling me it's time to come out and walk awhile in the pine thicket?  He has just reminded me that that would be a splendid way to start a day like a Saturday birth - day. 

 I'll go out and  be grateful for this day with my best friend- husband, and my family of boys turned to men.  I'll go out and say thank you for my mother who  prepares  a feast for us all to enjoy and a "magical" time each week to gather around her table for conversations,  for eyes to see love across the table, and to make memories to hold for later on.  Last night I knew the feast was for me and the cake, my birthday cake --and we didn't need the candles.

I'll be grateful for another year to love people who surround me, and some I will seek out to love.  I will pray to see the "Gospel Maker" more real, more consistently, more "first" this year of 365 days and 4 seasons.  My birthday prayer will be to see HIM and believe in all that He is for every day and for all of us.  There is always hope for better days and more believing, especially starting on birthdays. 

 My friend said that she was glad that we didn't have to "do one day without Him" and I thought that an awesome thought!  Not one more day do we have to "do" without Him.  Not one more birthday without, and not one more day.  And we don't have to look ahead without Him and we surely don't have to look at all that's behind us without Him right there inside of our hearts.  

Today I'm thinking that birthdays are for looking up.

For looking around at all that you're blessed with.


  1. Awwh Rhonda! I love the blog today. It's like the feeling I get when the fall season rolls around... beautiful trees, beautiful crisp air and the look of a fall sky. It makes me feel happy for you and all that God has truly blessed you with. I pray that these 365 days and 4 seasons are filled with every joy possible for you. Be blessed Beautiful Sister in Christ! You are Loved!



    1. Thank you, Paula ♥♥♥....what a wonderful birthday it was!

  2. Happy birthday. What a sweet thankful spirit you have. Hope you had a wonderful celebration of day one of 356 more of this new year.

    Asking God to bless you richly.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Thank you for birthday prayers, Kimmie. May we all be blessed in the coming seasons!


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