Thursday, December 20, 2012

First World Problems Anthem

Here is a little "hero's tale" that I remembered while watching this video. I thought it might cheer you to know that everyday "heros" are among us doing what Jesus would do. If you watch to the end of the video you'll see that Water is Life is asking for donations to help dig wells for folks who do not have access to clean, safe water. 

So here is my tale:   One of our dearest friends had a serious medical issue this year and also lost his job. Yeah, I'm sure he and his wife could say, "I hate it when I loose half my income and almost loose my life!" While they were praying and seeking God about provision for their family of 5, someone gave them a very large sum of money.  "Bingo!" You  might be thinking, like I was, that a lot of money will last a long time.   A sum that could have potentially saw them through a significant portion of the year and given him time to rest and look for employment without a lot of stress from lack of funds.  But, our friend and his wife felt the Lord's heart for those without clean water and so they sent a  sizable portion of their own "miracle provision" to build a couple of wells in Eastern Europe.   I don't know if they gave through "Water is Life", but I do imagine that they saved lives with their decision.
In the spirit of the video and poking fun at some "first world problems" I share a couple of my here goes:    I hate it when I want to put a book away and there is no room on the bookshelves for even one more book.  I have to lay the book horizontally on top of vertical books.  Ugh.

I hate it when I come home from the grocery store and I don't have enough cupboard space for all of the food that I bought-- and I can only buy 3 gallons of milk because 4 will just not fit in the refrigerator.   Arg!

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