Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Rambling..and notes on what I DON'T need

I've been working on a post that I just can't seem to bring together, but in the mean time I wanted to check in here anyway.  

I've been reading 1 Peter and Undaunted by Christine Caine and gathering a list of new books to check into from a fellow blogger's reviews.  It seems the Lord is always streaming the most poignant works into my hands and I love Him for that. He weaves the needs in my heart, the words from scripture, and the extra books I read into  what is like a most powerful discipleship class. And I've been in His class for some time now!    Before Undaunted, it was Fields of the Fatherless and hundreds more before that.    

This morning I've been accumulating a mental list of things that I do not need to accomplish His will in my life.  A bit of a self-motivation list for 2013. :) 

1.  I don't have to have a study group to study His word or the latest study aids(though they are wonderful to have, if you enjoy them--I sometimes do)
2.  I don't need an expensive weight loss program or $150 running shoes to bring my body back into it's proper boundaries. (mostly I need some motivation and prayer! ....and hiding the chocolate helps too.)
3.  -don't need a large home to offer hospitality will do, and some chairs.....and coffee.  (this one some times gets to a weak spot...I have to remind myself of this many times through out the year!)
4. don't need a rear tine tiller to have a fabulous garden this season...I mostly need a hoe and some good seeds. ( a tiller is great, don't get me wrong, but just's been done without it)
5.  I don't need thousands of square feet, game rooms, or big screen TV to provide a cozy home for kids to grow up in and have their friends over to visit. (though I do love space and ping pong!.....I've rarely had loads of extra space--- or a ping pong table)
 6.  I don't have to have a budget large enough to feed an entire village or orphanage in order to give to the poor....just a heart to give what He asks of me
7.  I don't have to be a super woman to hear God and do what He says
8.  I don't need to have a ministry title, a place on a board of advisors, my name on a desk to serve Him wide awake, deliberately, daily and with passion.  He's so exciting that nothing like that compares to just being in HIS big loop.  
9.  I don't have to reach thousands..... I can reach across the street, I can reach into the next room, I can reach who He sends to me.  Maybe the one you reach or I reach will reach the thousands later on! It doesn't matter as long as HE is in the driver's seat.
10. I don't need a prayer journal to pray, or a book on how to pray (though I am looking for one) He's always heard me without those things.

 You get the idea...I'm encouraging myself  today and wanted to share.  I don't need a lot.....I appreciate the "more" sometimes when I have it, but not having is no reason to feel like my ship is dry docked.......and I don't!  

What I do  need is to be willing, to be motivated, to be one who will "seek Him with all of my heart".  I do need to let my faith exercise know faith without works is a bust.  

I do have what I do need to live this adventure that is streaming out from Him everyday.   :)


  1. Very good reminders my friend.

    1. So glad, Sheila.......and so great to see you pop in over here. :)

  2. encouragement and wisdom at its best. thank you Rhonda!
    a good reminder to my heart, a heart that has been fighting discouragement left and right as of late.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. And may you find encouragement...may He bring it into each day to keep you, to preserve your heart through this hard time, around those unexpected corners you glimpse it, hidden in a sunset, a book, or a glance. You have encouraged me so much in such a short amount of time, and how I pray and hope for you to receive just what you need. He is faithful and you are His. (((HUG))))


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