Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday on the Farm

So, it is Saturday and my friend, Kimmie, inspired me to give a glimpse of life on the farm today.  She was living "life in the snow" today in her neck of the woods and she shared some of her sweet pictures.  You can click on her name above and see them, too                               
 I went out into our chilly Arkansan day and found everyone waiting for me behind the black fences.
The ducks were running to position themselves for feeding time.

Our goose, Dustin, was running that way, too.
When I threw over the hay, the pony kicked up her back hooves and scared the little fainting goat, which in turn, fainted on the spot.  See the black and white creature laying stiff in front of the pond?  Don't worry, she jumped straight up in no time.  No harm done!

So, I threw over some hay for them and headed for the little barn.

Lil' Dumplin' and her babies were waiting in the barn for me, so I threw them a block of hay as well.
MMMMmmmmm, good hay.

Toula came to the barn with me.  She feels as if she is a "farm dog".....but she's just a poodle. :)

Little Kringle was waiting for his hay. too.

I'm pushing the wheel barrel and Walliboo cat is watching in the back ground. 

Can you see the creamy colored goat running in the picture?  I let her out of the pasture and she ran across the farm to the little silver shed.  She thinks there is grain there.
Half way there, she encounters Finn, the white farm dog, and she turns and runs back towards me.  She's afraid of Finn. 

I turned her around and lead the way to the little silver shed for treats.  Mariah (the black goat) comes along too.

Now she feels confident again and takes off to run toward the shed.

Mariah wants to catch up with her.
The goats get their grain and I find eggs in the shed. 
Mariah eats her grain and grazes the green grass.

Heading back to the house to deliver eggs to the kitchen.

Finn and I say "hi" to Peter rabbit on the way.

Edgar visits Peter rabbit, too.  After a short walk, I finished chores and head back inside.   Grandma (my mom) is visiting the farm and there is loads to talk about.  It's refreshing having her here with us and we are sure to spend the rest of the day in fun and conversation.   Hope your day is blessed too.    


  1. You have a very nice farm! All of your animals are so cute and have such personality!
    Monica C.

    1. Hey Monica! I loved to see you here..glad you enjoyed the photos.


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