Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home on the 4th of July

We rarely plan things out around our place.  At some point on July 4th we realized it was "THE 4th of JULY!" and I started to thaw some meat for grilling.  Once the cooking commenced, it began to feel like a holiday. 

Thank you, Aunt Leanna, for teaching me that Mrs. Dash can always make me look good in the kitchen, or on the grill.

He's watching me fire up the grill.

I can soak in the scenery here  while the chicken is grilling. 

Lavender, sea foam roses, butterfly bush, and cone flower.

Her name is Seven. She's a Texan.
She captivates your attention every day with her excellent mothering skills.

They run to me now because sometimes I pack cornbread.

He is on the outside of the fence today looking in at everyone else in the herd.

Just because this face makes me laugh.

A big sweet dog on the front porch makes this cottage feel welcoming to me.
Passing the time and smelling the food cooking.

AFter supper, we head to town for small town festivities! He is getting his camera ready.

They are walking toward the fun.

See the crowd up in front of them.
Our sweet spot

A home made boat race on Gar Creek! 

Our Jack trying to make that dunking booth work! He throws! He misses!  Sweet Alice stays dry a little longer.

And the best fireworks finale' our town has ever had (in my opinion!).

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