Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Fishing Boy

There was a boy on the news a year ago, but I found the segment this week....a small boy who was about my Jack's age.   He loves to fish just like my Jack and Elijah.  The segment showed this angel fishing with a park ranger on an Arkansas creek bank; the reporter narrating glimpses into his heart and some of his life. They said he was an orphan and he said he wanted a family.  They said he has no recollection of his parents and  he said, wearily, in his "11 year old way", that he had been moved from house to house his whole life. 

I thought about the fishing boy again and again through the week, remembering how he stood in the woods on the bank of the fishing hole and how he said the water was beautiful.  He caught 8 trout that day  and at one point, he draws into the camera and makes a silly face raising his brows again and again and then looks away.  

Remembering him now, it feels as if he was looking into the camera to see what he may have never seen before...  Peering into the lense right back at us to see if he could find what Jack and Elijah see every time they go fishing.  They see me.

And I have learned that fishing is not only about bringing in lunch, though that is a great joy.  Fishing is also about  a boy looking up to see if someone is looking back at him.    And when he brings in the big or tiny one, it's about someone falling out of their seat in amazement at how incredible he is.  It's the time to tell him that no one is like him in all of the earth.  That he is fearfully and wonderfully  made.

I asked about the boy and found that he no longer wanted to be adopted.  I wonder if his  heart couldn't bear the waiting and wondering, or the rejection of no one coming to take him fishing or take him "home".  The lady said to me in a questioning voice, "But we have a little 7 year old boy, if you are interested."  

And Jesus says that He will not leave US as orphans. (John 14:18) He will come to us and take. us. fishing.  Do we look up from the bank to soak in his gaze and feel that we can catch the big one today?  Do we look to see?

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