Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tweed Recliners, Wonder and Adoption

Sitting in the brown, tweed recliner that was such a good trade of a $50 bill, I find a good place to seek Him.  In a little while, He says to me, "You are Mine."  I say back, "You are mine, too."  I open the small devotional that my Auntie bought for me awhile back.  It starts off, "I want you to be MINE."

.......Can you feel the wonder of it??...... I cry.

He is here;  heaven bends to sit with me.  He may be everywhere on the earth and in heaven, but He sits with me in a used, tweed recliner on a little farm, on a gravel road. It's not a cabin fit for a King, as He is, but He doesn't seem to notice at all.   And do you wonder where to find Him over at your place, or where at your office, or where in your sick bed, or where in your head?  Wonder no more, because He inhabits hearts and heads.  He does.  Where ever you are, He would be, too.  Can you see it?  You must open your heart and "He" will fill it;  He will come to you and never leave you.  He went to great lengths to make a way for this to be, and it amazingly happened through a Lamb (John 1:29).

I was remembering something that I read and never really understood.  This part in that book that we all own somewhere on the shelf.  Jesus said, "I only do what I see my Father doing." (John 5:19-20) And for me, today, I saw something that He does. 

He says, "You are Mine"..................   I want to do that, too.  I look at their picture in the frame.  It's the one I printed off from the website that has many pictures as you scroll down the page; hundreds.  The little faces are all smiling, yet I'm not sure that they are all happy. 

They are beautiful, the ones in the picture that I printed, the ones that we visited last week, those ones who took my breath away when I saw them for the first time, and then the second.  I can say, "You are mine", and I will when HE lets me, because I see what He does and it is so good.


  1. beautiful words from a beautiful heart

  2. Your beautiful post makes me cry. I pray that these lambs that are tucked tightly in your heart will soon be in your home. God's perfect will be done.

  3. You look younger than your sons, Rhonda...the Lord didn't come to meet you in your chair (although I love the picture a "tweed recliner" paints in my mind...He already had the best seat in the your heart...

  4. Love this :-) "He is here; heaven bends to sit with me." Love that line. Love your heart. What a gift He brings every time we meet with Him.

  5. I can see why He desires to sit with you and to call you are lovely -inside and out.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


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