Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Laughing Out Loud

The air is cold out, the cabin is warm and peaceful this morning.  My heart is full listening to Jason Gray's song again (for the "many-eth" time).  I know this is good for me.  The lyrics are kindly on his video..though you don't need lyrics to laugh ......Have a listen! Joy is contagious.  

And some laughing lyrics written by my overflowing heart on this January 14th:    (maybe you'll write some, too!)

Laughing in the light of Him...Standing in the joy-field----surrounded and held tight. 
Laying in layers of unloaded love upon me and you.
Whatever you do, don't miss this
Don't let a day go without standing in these love rays warming your skin
Look up, don't miss this...don't miss this

Loose your control, gain amazing grace
Loose face and gain his integrity
Loose yourself and gain all of Him
Don't miss this, not today

Laughing in the freedom, looking up ahead...nothing but sure steps and all being lead
Turning from the old ways and running with the new
Whatever you do, don't miss this
Not for a day, don't miss standing in these love rays warming your skin
Whatever you do, don't miss this.


And I will leave you with Jason's words:  

"When you find you've been forgiven laughter will arise like a holy kind of praise."   LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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