Sunday, September 18, 2016

Me, Sam and the Treasure

A true story of a Saturday in August etched out here for my dear sisters who climbed the mountain to Camp Mitchell to meet with a King and to lay our crowns at his feet.  ♥

The weekend began with a journal laid open on my lap and pen etching out this holy, daily dialogue......pen to paper, heart to's the same thing. ♥ I scrawled the letters into prayers, into telling, and thinking in ink, and then some questions.
And the page full was turned and in the "uppery"corner of the next was a little something already written by the nice someone who makes the journals for people with pens and things to think in ink.

  **It read, "Expect the day to hold little treasures that have been           hidden just for you by God who has given you His heart." 

Just under it I had penned the last of my questions before noticing the print above, I wrote:  "Lord, what about the mountains?"(I was asking him about Camp Mitchell and if I would climb the mountain,  too.  Should I spend the money, do I belong with the others this year?)♥ I would wait for an answer.

But back to the words in the "uppery corner".  :)  
You know sometimes words pass by and leave nothing much behind their passing and sometimes those same words, for reasons not always known, SPARKLE.  Today I saw the glistening and a pittery pattery pounded soft in my chest wondering about little treasures sneaking around in my Saturday.  

 Ticks and tocks on the clock moved forward the morning, and I sat down to the big white screen and logged in.  A man from California leaves a note each day for all to see and he says they come from Heaven to share.  I wondered if they really do.   

**It read, "Watch for unexpected blessings and hidden treasures to       be revealed."  

The pittery pattery sound in my chest beat faster now and I wanted to search for this treasure, but where?  I whispered to the urging to "be still" since it only said to be watchful. I could wander into Saturday with all of the wonder of a child.  

The morning went vanishing while pulling out a chair for the afternoon. And I was passing by a little thrift store on my way home from the grocery.  I was caught up by an enthusiasm to venture inside .  I found the isles felt full of wonderment (could there be treasure?).  Up the last isle I saw, sitting alone on the floor a little brown suitcase for a bargain.  The brass tag said  Samsonite, but it looked more like plain Sam. He was old and perfect  so I brought him home, even though I don't think I needed a suitcase.  As I pulled away from the curb, I looked back with a start to see the sign above the door reminding me the little shop was called,  "Trendy Treasures".  ♥

I set the suitcase up high on the chest of drawers so that I could see it with ease because every time I glanced its way I saw the SPARKLE of a treasure, like an adventure, like a new story was starting to be told and only a few pages were yet turned.   The invitation to watch for treasure seemed to stretch out far beyond the rising and setting of a Sat.  And my new suitcase, Sam, was more than just a place to carry my seemed an invitation into adventure..........and the question from the start of my story seemed answered now.....Sam and I would take our first adventure to the mountains and Camp Mitchell.   

Evening came and I climbed into bed and opened the book with the good words one last time to no page in particular and it read,  "The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasures hidden in a field......Matthew 13:44".

I was watching for The Kingdom all along! ♥  

Psalms 139:17
Your thoughts and plans are treasures to me, O God! I cherish each and every one of them!
    How grand in scope! How many in number! 
Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Camp Mitchell, Petite Jean Mountain
Fellowship of Christians Women's retreat 2016 ♥
"Daughters of the King"


  1. I am just now finding your treasured words. I love it when the Lord reveals Himself in unexpected ways. Thanks for weaving your story and sharing the anticipation of finding treasure that awaits us when we look and we listen. Love you, friend!

    1. Love you, Joanne. You are always encouraging me!


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