Tuesday, January 6, 2015

If Our Hearts Awaken ♥♥♥

If our hearts awaken to the nearness of God, then we know that He Himself, His amazing, wonderful self is at work in us.  If we wonder about Him, we can know that He is holding the other end of that priceless strand of thought with His own hands because, as Jesus said, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them." We have been thoughtfully "drawn" into this place, we did not arrive here on our own.   When we wonder of God, we are being wooed of God.  Isn't that amazing?  And we know that when we presently seek Him, He is found by us...our hearts awaken to His nearness.......our hearts feel the explosive wonder of HIM ♥♥♥

  An early morning "explosion" left a rubble of words in my diary; a teeny-weeny attempt to submit a pile of meager vocabulary to render a glimpse of who He is on January 6, 2015 to me.    You are welcome to add some of your own--  lofty adjectives and all!

Who Jesus is to me today! Some words may be home-made. :)

 Darkness Lifter

Veil Tear-er !  {The one who tore the veil (Matthew 27:51)}

 Dungeon Crasher !

Joy Exploder

Soul Liberator

Heart Chaser -Heart Finder - Heart Lover

Kind Watchman over we, His flock

He is Laugh Bubbler

Name Caller---  He calls us beloved

He takes all of life and composts our days and experiences (good and bad) into rich, dark soil that He can plant and harvest in.  Nothing is wasted!  He is Farmer Extraordinaire

He is Eye Opener

Great and Gentle Leader

Faith Author and Faith Finisher

He is Lord over Details

He is the Un-muddler of Minds

Un-tangler of epic life tangles

He is  Hand Holder

Sin Forgiver

Mind Changer 

Mind Easer

Joy Stirer

Dream Author

Enemy Stumbler

Grief Lifter

Future Holder

Freedom Flavor

As our hearts awaken, He is seen for who He is:  Everything to Us.


  1. The Queen of Arkansas is one of my best poets. I'm going away soon to a place God has prepared for me long ago, I will look for you there my lovely friend. We will pick fruit from the trees and drink the clean spring waters together. we will look for all our family first who will be there. I think this place is called Paradise With out you it would not be the right place. From someone who loves you very much!

    1. I know one person who writes this way and who loves me very much! If I am the Queen of Arkansas, then you are Royalty extraordinare. Paradise is where we'll have time for all of the conversations we've missed, the gardening we want to do and all of the new flowers, vegetables and herbs we want to plant. I'm dreaming of that place, too. Love and locking arms!

  2. Your words that our hearts can awaken to His nearness when we seek Him is very profound to me. I read and reread your introductory paragraph several times, grasping the glory of His goodness. Thanks so much for sharing the insights He gives you. It blesses my day and is a great way to start off the year!

  3. Delightful!!!! I can’t get enough of your descriptions of Him! LOL “Laugh Bubbler”!


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