Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holding on to May

Since school let out in May, life started feeling like a runaway train. Here are a few notables to remember May  by:
May 1st we left the farm and headed to the land of the Grand Ole Opry!  It was time to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans --Summit 9 in Nashville, TN.  (A thousand thank yous to "S" and "M", our dear friends, for making it possible for us to go).  
We  felt like youngsters shuffling from class to class through out the 2 day conference.  We took loads of notes, bought some books, learned so much, met some great people, but mostly soaked it all in as best as we could. 

While in Nashville, we visited the American Picker's store.  That's Tim having a look around. 

We browsed in the Red Bus Project store.   They are spreading awareness about the needs of orphans and raising money for orphan care.

We slipped over into KY to see my dear cousins, Cetreda and Shirley...they live near Possum Trot. I love this name so much--took some pictures and my cousin even bought me a t-shirt!

 On a Sunday morning, we left for home, but made one last stop to see my Uncle Leon (above).  He and some friends play gospel music for the residents of the La Center, KY nursing home each week on Sunday morning (8:30 sharp!)  I had to hold back tears while watching them play.......inspired by their efforts to encourage and bless the people that lived there.  
Later in May, our #2 son left the land of the Ozark Hillbilly when he graduated high school. How proud we are of him!

Having cake at Mam's house after the ceremony.

Cutting his cake after graduation while his cousin, Taylor, smiles for the picture. :)  
On Mother's Day, we tried to get a family picture in the field where buttercups were blooming like crazy.   Not one to mail with Christmas cards, but at least we were all together again (except Tim who was taking the picture).  ♥

Now we sit on the last day of June peering into July.  Looking ahead,  I'm feeling grateful that God's grace precedes all of our needs. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Miracles Like You

"Part of growing up to be like Christ is seeing people as they really are.  I think people really are a miracle.  I think the world is completely populated w/miracles--everyone who is alive is a miracle----and everyone should be treated that way...that we should all respect one another and we should all, in fact, have a sort of reverence for each other that we sometimes don't have."
 ----Rich Mullins

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I think so, too.

What about the cashier at Dollar General, the nightly news anchor,   the President, or our tax preparer?  A few weeks ago I was at the funeral of a very young man and felt the truly indescribable pain that just the idea of not having him in the world gave to his family and friends.  Even I felt the loss with tears and I did not really know him.  He was a miracle and everyone in the room sat in silent reverence of this knowledge.

I was reading a book recently and the author had been arrested, imprisoned for many years, abused,  and tortured in prison because of his faith in Jesus.  He shared of his love for his abusers and his deep desire to see them free of the guilt of their crimes.  This seems like seeing into another climbing onto the LOrd's lap and glimpsing people through His lenses.  I think He must always want to give us the view from his lap; seeing others with the wonder that He created in us, the potential that we have beyond our sin, and who He wants us to be. 

No matter our resume' of wrong doing, no matter our current state, or what we think of ourselves, our neighbors, and friends.   We cannot wipe clean His smudgy fingerprints from our beings...He who made us has left His prints on us, and made us miraculous.  

Monday, June 17, 2013


Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.    He concluded.  He formed his everlasting opinion about us, that we  were very good.  And I must soak this in...this kind and loving conclusion concerning me and you.

And tucked into our created flesh, blood, and spirit is the mystery and the same powerful ability that our loving Father used to make his thoughts known about us;  He gave us, also, the power to conclude

And our conclusions about most everything hold vast power that we wield as we live in the wake of them, because our actions are charged with the truth of our conclusions--

Do we believe every word that He has spoken?  Is it all true and trustworthy?  Can we place our vulnerable lives and hearts in His care?  As my cousin says, "Does He have your back?" And as He said it about us, can you conclude with me that HE is good, too? --no matter what? That in any trial and no matter how the deep valley threatens to swallow and the shadows loom large overhead, that He will not let us be lost in our trouble, or swallowed up by any of it? 

Lately, I have been lingering around my conclusions and setting them in stone.  He is very good in every way, no matter what. ♥