Monday, June 17, 2013


Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.    He concluded.  He formed his everlasting opinion about us, that we  were very good.  And I must soak this in...this kind and loving conclusion concerning me and you.

And tucked into our created flesh, blood, and spirit is the mystery and the same powerful ability that our loving Father used to make his thoughts known about us;  He gave us, also, the power to conclude

And our conclusions about most everything hold vast power that we wield as we live in the wake of them, because our actions are charged with the truth of our conclusions--

Do we believe every word that He has spoken?  Is it all true and trustworthy?  Can we place our vulnerable lives and hearts in His care?  As my cousin says, "Does He have your back?" And as He said it about us, can you conclude with me that HE is good, too? --no matter what? That in any trial and no matter how the deep valley threatens to swallow and the shadows loom large overhead, that He will not let us be lost in our trouble, or swallowed up by any of it? 

Lately, I have been lingering around my conclusions and setting them in stone.  He is very good in every way, no matter what. ♥



  1. I am in agreement dear sweet friend, He is good, all ways. Never thought about him making a conclusion on his creation or on us (me). But imagining Him speaking it over me now. (now if I could come under that and believe it ;-)

    Knowing and believing are two most different creatures. Most of the time I am afraid I doubt He meant me. (and I can imagine it must make His father's heart very sad. Because if He said it _it's true!!)



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