Thursday, July 25, 2013


Reading in the gospel of John, I keep coming back to this story: 

So, Jesus was with his disciples and knowing that he is soon to be betrayed, he crosses over the Kidron Valley and into the garden/olive grove, where he and his disciplines had often spent time.  Judas, had decided to betray Jesus for money, knew that he would be there, so lead a group of soldiers out to find Jesus.  And when they find Jesus, who was expecting them, Jesus says to them, "Who are you looking for?"

One of them answers, "Jesus the Nazarene."  

~And this is the part that is punctuating my day ~

Judas, the betrayer, stood with the military force.  As Jesus spoke, "I am the One", the forces fell back on the ground. (John 18:6)

............. "THEY. ALL. FELL. DOWN!" They fell down at his voice...  a mere hint of  the power that was at his disposal, yet was being withheld.  

And Jesus had to ask them again, "Who are you searching for?" I'm assuming He had to ask again because they were all groping around on the ground! It was dark, they were carrying torches and weapons. They were stunned, surely fearful, and confused as to what just happened to them!?  I wonder if they questioned whether they should even be there at this point, whether it was safe to lay their hands on Jesus since He was obviously in possession of some awesome power. Maybe that is why they shackled his hands and his feet even though he went with them willingly. 

I grope on the ground as well. But not because I am experiencing that power like the soldiers did, but because I forget that it is there.  And I grapple with my issues and struggles and wonder how I can fix things that are broken around here, how can I figure out the answers to great problems, how  do I make good things happen, how do I defeat the enemies in my life?

And my eyes glance up to the sentence above in red:  "I am the ONE", He says.  And I see Him standing there in my minds eye with all of the power in the universe in reserve.  And if He didn't defeat His enemy at the seemingly most opportune time for Himself, but let them have their way with Him for a greater good (an understatement), then I don't want Him to do any less for me.  It's good to imagine Him holding back His strength and His power to save me in my struggles because He knows the timing is not yet right.  Oh, He will save us in our troubles -- He will always come through, but knowing Him better is trusting Him more and giving ourselves to His timing and plan.  

But, today I'm loving imagining how those soldiers all experienced His power that way before they laid their hands on Him to take Him away.  He was in control and He reminded me that He ever is.♥


  1. What a neat insight God gave you.
    I would also love to experience more of His power. I think most times my lacking in this area is due to an inefficiency to trust Him, be filled by Him or not being available to Him.

    Thankfully today is a new day and there is grace available afresh.

    have a sweet day!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Kimmie, I've been reading Corrie ten Boom for a few weeks. She had such a gift for stripping away so much fluff and bringing the gospel and our relationship with Jesus to such simplicity. I'm gaining a lot from absorbing her perspective (which I see is truth!)

      She died before I was old enough to appreciate her, but I sure do now. I, too, want to experience more. I know you have experienced of the "deep" in God...I could see that from talking to you! One single conversation with you caused a great shifting in my perspective and my faith; truly!

      I'm with you as you said above; may we trust Him more. May we be filled and available!

      He's always working something precious in us..whether it is difficult or purely joyful...a lot of the time it is both.

      I appreciate you so much, my friend.

  2. Great post and what a reminder of God's mighty power.

    blogging over at Divine Moments


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