Thursday, February 21, 2013

When it Snows

When it snows..........we all loose our heads.
 When we take up the mail, we hide a camera under our coat
                    and start grabbing the snowy moments; click, click,   click.......greedy, like we want to save them all for ourselves.

because everything just looks more interesting when it snows...

and because snow makes our hearts pump a little     faster.........strange, right?   

... because ordinary things look  extraordinary in the snow.

Snowy daffodils; extra lovely.

                                    Snowy lil' donkeys are a sight to see.
Snow makes middle aged ladies climb up icy ladders just to take a picture from the loft in the barn.

                                       Snow makes school bells look cool.
It makes ducks quack and run like mad.

It seems to have made guinea foul do what they NEVER do...visit the house.

                   But just for a minute or two.
Then, when we come in from outside, we peak out windows.

We just keep peaking because something might look snowier and we might miss it.

And they DO look snowier

Snow makes us a little giddy 'round here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Scare Crow and the Harvest

We headed out to a conference last night, just the two of us.  We went to hear Kathryn and Alan Scott who came the way from far away Ireland to share.

This woman had some words.  Words that seemed like a healing balm needing to be delivered forward.  I want to deliver these words onward.  I hear that the broken are waiting  for a message such as this........................

She sang:
Over the brokenness, in- to the emptiness You are singing again
Words of redemption and songs of deliverance, healing that comes in Your name
Echoing down through the ages
Hearts are freed at the sound of Your voice

Her voice towered high with the message:

 It's the sound of Your goodness
The sound of hope filling the air
It's the call of Your kingdom
Awakening faith on the earth

And when Alan shared later we felt we were hearing words from God (via a humble servant)...surely those words were from heaven.   And Alan asked us if we knew what a "scare crow" was, and we did.   And he said the reason that scare crows work is because a crow is dumb.  And then he said that if a crow were smart and he saw a scare crow, he would not visit any other field but that one where the scare crow sits. He would know that that field is full of food!

And I knew that I'd been thinking like a crow that reverenced the scare crow with genuine fear.  The imagery was so plain.... and then freeing. 

And it wasn't a stretch for me to see, as Alan explained, that the field that he spoke of, full for the taking, was full of the lives of the lost around us, our neighbors, our co-workers.  They could be the weak laying in beds in nursing homes in my town, the imprisoned, the homeless, the destitute poor, yet the scare crow towers, angry, threatening, and wise (?).....driving us away from the field...making us go away empty.  But in the fields are our inheritance,  Alan reminded, and we need not be crows.  

  But for me, there was a particular field presenting in my mind's eye. A field full of children....orphaned and at risk.  The ones destined for American foster homes, in orphanages around the world, on literal streets, and in homes that are falling apart at the seams.  The scare crow calls out into the air pedaling his lies disguised as wisdom-- his driving lies to the world--   They have sounded like this to me:  

Harvesting here is too hard and not for you

Harvesting in this field  will change your life and bring more work to you ---and you know you had been longing for ease 

These are all rotten, ruined fruit.

They are more than you can handle.

This may bring trouble, cost, and loss to you.

These are all used up and damaged

This field is too much for you.

This will not bless you, lead you to  peace, ease and prosperity

This field is dirty,  and someone else's problem

The government has got this covered

Someone else has ruined this fruit and it will always be ruined in some way

You are not a leader and what you can do will not make enough difference to take the risk

You can't afford this harvest

  No one will understand if you harvest in this field

No one will help you if you do and you will also be misunderstood

No one will support you

If I start  in this field, do I have the staying power to continue on?

Your friends and family will think you are asking for trouble


If the secret beauty of the field is determined by the size and foreboding message of the scare crow guarding it, then this must be one amazing harvest.  Wouldn't it be amazing  to gather up the orphans see them as a rich and full harvest worthy of our sacrifice and our efforts?  And if this message is true, we would be the rich ones in the end running over with the joy of the harvest. 

Here is the last verse of Kathryn's song:

Over the barrenness, into the night
Over the loneliness growing inside
Over the hearts where hope's been destroyed
Louder and louder, it is Your voice





Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday on the Farm

So, it is Saturday and my friend, Kimmie, inspired me to give a glimpse of life on the farm today.  She was living "life in the snow" today in her neck of the woods and she shared some of her sweet pictures.  You can click on her name above and see them, too                               
 I went out into our chilly Arkansan day and found everyone waiting for me behind the black fences.
The ducks were running to position themselves for feeding time.

Our goose, Dustin, was running that way, too.
When I threw over the hay, the pony kicked up her back hooves and scared the little fainting goat, which in turn, fainted on the spot.  See the black and white creature laying stiff in front of the pond?  Don't worry, she jumped straight up in no time.  No harm done!

So, I threw over some hay for them and headed for the little barn.

Lil' Dumplin' and her babies were waiting in the barn for me, so I threw them a block of hay as well.
MMMMmmmmm, good hay.

Toula came to the barn with me.  She feels as if she is a "farm dog".....but she's just a poodle. :)

Little Kringle was waiting for his hay. too.

I'm pushing the wheel barrel and Walliboo cat is watching in the back ground. 

Can you see the creamy colored goat running in the picture?  I let her out of the pasture and she ran across the farm to the little silver shed.  She thinks there is grain there.
Half way there, she encounters Finn, the white farm dog, and she turns and runs back towards me.  She's afraid of Finn. 

I turned her around and lead the way to the little silver shed for treats.  Mariah (the black goat) comes along too.

Now she feels confident again and takes off to run toward the shed.

Mariah wants to catch up with her.
The goats get their grain and I find eggs in the shed. 
Mariah eats her grain and grazes the green grass.

Heading back to the house to deliver eggs to the kitchen.

Finn and I say "hi" to Peter rabbit on the way.

Edgar visits Peter rabbit, too.  After a short walk, I finished chores and head back inside.   Grandma (my mom) is visiting the farm and there is loads to talk about.  It's refreshing having her here with us and we are sure to spend the rest of the day in fun and conversation.   Hope your day is blessed too.