Thursday, February 21, 2013

When it Snows

When it snows..........we all loose our heads.
 When we take up the mail, we hide a camera under our coat
                    and start grabbing the snowy moments; click, click,   click.......greedy, like we want to save them all for ourselves.

because everything just looks more interesting when it snows...

and because snow makes our hearts pump a little     faster.........strange, right?   

... because ordinary things look  extraordinary in the snow.

Snowy daffodils; extra lovely.

                                    Snowy lil' donkeys are a sight to see.
Snow makes middle aged ladies climb up icy ladders just to take a picture from the loft in the barn.

                                       Snow makes school bells look cool.
It makes ducks quack and run like mad.

It seems to have made guinea foul do what they NEVER do...visit the house.

                   But just for a minute or two.
Then, when we come in from outside, we peak out windows.

We just keep peaking because something might look snowier and we might miss it.

And they DO look snowier

Snow makes us a little giddy 'round here.


  1. Snow makes me feel the same way. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your snowy world. The vignettes of the farm make me smile. I tape recorded myself reading Peter Rabbit this morning for a birthday gift, so all of Beatrix Potters little animals are on my mind. I imagine how Beatrix was inspired by scenes such as the ones you shared. I smiled as I caught a glimpse of your Jemima Puddleduck "quack, quack, paddle whacking" across the farm in the wintry scene. Keep that camera handy and continue to share!!!

    1. Now you made me I love Beatrix Potter! I often borrow names from her.....Jemima...Peter....that way I feel like I can glimpse her world in mine. :)

      Today will be be a day for the "puddle ducks" since the snow turned to rain!

  2. Your snow looks pretty. honestly I am way done with snow...after the last storm brought over 3 feet with 6 foot drifts, well let's say that spring can't come soon enough. ;-)

    Do you not get snow where you live? Perhaps i should move...wouldn't that be fun to be neighbors? I'd love it.

    Love your heart and your joy.

    Hope you are well.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Kimmie, I am not far behind you in that sentiment. We've had little snow, which is typical, but I am weary of being cold and, though I hate to rush anything, I do wish for the spring, too!

      P.S. Snow here is a two or three times a year usually accumulates only a few inches and is typically gone in one to two days. I once lived a winter in South Dakota...the snow here is hardly worth mentioning in comparison! :)


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