Saturday, December 15, 2012

When a Child is Born, so is a Mother.

Twenty-one years of hands to work.  Twenty-one of the same;  the hidden and the glorious.  Hidden work inside walls decked with beloved faces,  grazing past brave works of art reaching for milk or cheese.  Blessed  years learning to patiently speak or not to speak at all, learning to respect the unspoken words, and reassure with special "glances".  

Twenty-one watching, awestruck gazing--offspring amazing, racing heart beating out love rhythms.   Twenty-one years watching new eyes unfolding his world of wonder.

Twenty-one years of gardening, washing, teaching, learning, bandaging, scolding, praising, buying, creating, repenting, cooking, budgeting, hosting, laughing, and crying. Twenty-one years of the same; twenty-one of loving.  

Years being all full and emptying all out.  Years cherished, unblemished, hands open, heart throbbing to be all of this.  

Twenty-one years looking into grey-blue eyes of glass;  trusting eyes, laughing eyes, innocent.  
Growing, learning, searching eyes, questioning, finding. Grey-blue eyes like glass, deep as cool well waters, eyes exquisite reflecting heart and reflecting soul. Twenty-one years adoring.

Twenty-one years thankful, and twenty-one blessed.   

                Happiest 21st birthday Josiah Tyler Drain 
                When a child is born, so is a mother.


  1. When a child is born, so is a mother. That profound thought starts my day today, as I think about lots of mothering preparations to make during this next week. I thank God for the privilege of motherhood , thank Him for my life mate that shares parenting with me, and thank him for our children who make me a mother.
    Rhonda, your words are sweet poetry to my soul. Thank you for blessing us with the creative thoughts the Lord gifts you with. Happy birthday Tyler! Your mother has blessed me beyond measure.

  2. Joanne, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem....since I know you so well, all I need to do is THINK of your life to enjoy the same kind of inspiration from you. I'm not sure where there is a more passionate, creative, joyous momma and grandmother than you...I have so often thought I'd love to have been your grandchild (although you are way too young and I'm way too old for that now! ha)as I see how you make memories and enjoy time with your sweet babies who are growing up so fast. Thanks for being here today.


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