Saturday, November 16, 2013

Faith's Autumn Dance

My sister, Faith, writes about autumn in a poignant sort of way. 

Autumn Dance
Heavy gray skies hang over head
While wild winds blow the crisp leaves
Into a frenzy making them
Leap and dance across the yard
Trash cans tumble noisily by while
Wisps of paper and other debris
Whip by in a hurry to meet its destination,
The air cools and the breezes become
More insistent; tugging branches
To and fro in a long-awaited autumn dance
There are a few red and golden leaves left, but soon
 The trees will shed their beauty and become skeletal
In their appearance-the heavy gray of the skies will turn
Cadaverous and the earth will sleep.
~Faith Stobbs

Autumn -- the herald of winter--- , and when the trees smugly discard their glory ....the backdrop of beauty takes a vertical plunge....No, autumn, though it is a beautiful send off, sometimes teases and needles me about this "cadaverous sleep" a-coming.  And when I am left there again-- dumbly gazing up at "skeletal trees", don't I believe, after spring?

But today, "Oh my goodness", I dread nothing at all-- All caught up in the brilliant, vibrant color --  this autumnal scene is playing out like some kind of supernova whose glorious finale is about to explode; this magnificent crescendo happening all around us in our little valley. 

I want to hang around in this "glory" and not peer through the golden leaves, and shiver at  what  could be just beyond my view.......could it be winter again??  

But, to see my winters as the time when life is rejuvenating just below the surface, this would be sweet---and not a time of death, nor something to dread.  In  HIS gentle kingdom there is nothing to dread at all.

Mistrust is quite wintery to me-- it's as if  the peace that I enjoy just peels away and I and my unbelief sit exposed.  And how silly, when our Father can always be trusted.

But, it seems like a Kingly grace and kindness that sets any trial, any set back, and momentary lapse of trust , or winter of heart always between an autumn and spring. 

 I hear that faith trusts the view beyond to Him who loves us best. It reconciles our blindness and shortsightedness to Him who can see to eternity and back.  I hear that faith never forgets about spring, where refreshing awaits with endless streams for the thirsty.

 20 Early on Sunday morning,[a] while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance......................and "spring" came again.


  1. thank you for sharing all of this. Love that shot of the leaves and love how you tied in the Word.

    Thinking of you and wondering how your adoption is moving?

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. Thanks, Kimmie. So good to hear from you.

    Adoption----some movement there, but not sure how all will turn out. I will fill you in soon. But, we are taking some steps towards a sibling group.


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