Tuesday, October 6, 2015

From My Thinkin' Spot

From the disposition of the cross..... He rose from "surrender".  As the shadow of evil engulfed  Him He did not blame, did not complain, did not reject those inhumane circumstances.  What circumstances has He called us to do likewise in?  What trials and sorrows can we throw open our hearts in surrender to and allow Him to do His work in us?

Do we think we do not belong in trials?  He did not belong there.  He did not deserve disrespect, cruelty, torture, judgment, and the sentence of death was not right for Him.  His surrender was paramount.  And I notice His surrender was so quiet, so un-regarded and missed while his friends plunged into grief and confusion. His friends thought they should fight off the attack, but His surrender to this plan that poured freedom through blood-- loosed joy through the shriek of death, and hope through the turning away from rescue........  has rescued me.  His "choosing" enabled me to choose.  His barter enabled me to ponder the riches of His sold-rock promises that I am covered up in;  covered rich, like the roots in my garden beds.

Today I came out to my garden to meet with Him, but instead I soar with Him.  I sit in the old metal lawn chair, but the heart floats buoyantly in this swell of knowledge too high for me!  And in it's vastness I know abundance so great that I can't find the end of it in any direction.  Like a happy swimmer in the middle of a vast ocean, my feet will never find the bottom, nor limits of His love will ever bear in on me. 


  1. You have quite the thinkin' spot. I can verify that it's a place to receive all the goodness He has to offer!The eloquence of your writing pierces my heart and stirs my soul. Thanks so much for sharing the truths He reveals to you in ways that I can relate to. Surrender and trials are not something we long for, but soaring with Him is something to rejoice about. Love you!

    1. Yes I agree, It come's from her Mother and Father. I am one of her older cousin.

    2. Love you, Joanne! Thanks for sharing in these thoughts with me! You are so dear!


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