Thursday, September 8, 2016

Daughters of the King

The daughters are making their plans, flipping through their closets for something nice to wear.  They wonder what the others will wear, and if theirs will be nice enough to let them relax and forget about themselves for a while.

The daughters are making their plans, packing their bags, planning the meals and chores for home when they are away....... wondering if this is worth the time and effort, wondering if they'll fit in and come home with anything new or profound for this time they've signed up for.

The daughters look in their mirrors and they think the thoughts that daughters sometimes do, at any age;  Who am I, really?  Where am I going?  Have I come far enough so far?  Is God pleased? What is still left inside of me that will see the sun before I go?  Am I all that I can be?  Am I enough?

The daughters say goodbye and start their journey.  Some are driving alone and some share the drive.  A retreat just for them and time to exhale and be. Expectation is on their side now and the drive upwards becomes beautiful.  There's no turning back now.  

The daughters find their rooms, lay down their bags, and start to see themselves in this mix of women and friends.

  Exhaling the cares of the lower lands they will settle in and soak in the divine now. 

The daughters find atop this mountain the "something new and profound" that they wondered about below the rise of Camp Mitchell and its lovely mountain vistas. The daughters find a place, arm in arm, between the love of their sisters. ♥

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