Monday, September 12, 2016


Oh Sunday, it is YOU again!  Hello!  Good morning! I've spent the week in the wake of Your goodness. I got up real early just to greet you and your awesome sort of something that makes you like no other day.    

It's true that the "church" is not a building and that the "believers" are sent out beyond its sanctuaries.  But when we gather together in the bosoms of our churches, we savor the "us" that God has made out of you and me.   Together we lift each other higher,  and for Monday to be the perennial love peddlers looking for their paydays in a Kingdom a'comin'.  It's so easy to say what I see in you, Sunday! 

Sunday, you are the shower, the coffee, the choosing the same old jeans and the something above them, a little better than " my on the farm" wear.  
Sunday,  and I choose the newest thrifted shoes that my friend will notice and say she loves.  
Sunday, and the farm chores are cut short because critters have to wait for me to return in the afternoon time, after all of the Sunday magic has been lived and relished again. 
 Sunday, and before I go, I read the living words, speak to the adoring Father, and face the loving God that gives me a Sunday again!  
Sunday, and I call my mom on the way there.  It is our weekly drive together.  We love each other with listening and talking and "knowing" one another well. She had a good week, she has encouraging words.  I hang up when I get to the big parking lot with not too many cars there just yet. There's not much time to dawdle,  I rarely leave enough.
 Sunday, and I make my way to the little room to the right of the stage where the other few are waiting.  I walk against the long wall on my way while the musicians are belting out the good songs about the "goodest" news of "ever".  
 Sunday, and I enter the little room at 9 a.m. where the loved ones are poured out to pray awhile together.  

Sunday, and the morning prayers end too soon, but this place is filling up  now with smiles, with exchanges of affection, affirmations, and love tones all around! There is more coffee, food and the followers, following their "Faithful One", are filing in. It's always the same in some ways! I love you, Sunday!  How could I not!? 

When the music begins to play again, a collective "us" are drawn into celebration as all revel in our most fortunate positions;  daughters and sons, beloved of God, sisters and brothers of belonging.   When voices swell to meet the joy in our hearts, all is well with the world.  
Later, when the night time comes and I am back home in my bed, the supper was cooked, and my chores all done, I sleep in the glow of Sunday---- until we meet again!  ;)


  1. You have such a way with words, my friend, actually painting a picture and creating the feeling that I am there with you, sharing Sunday!! �� Jan


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